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my friends are playing silent hill with all the lights off and trying to make me watch/play in total darkness umm no thanks

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The puff puffs seem to be doing well! They’re just like bumblebees—buzzing around everywhere!

I also think I got lucky with 2 F to 1 M! Time will tell if I’m right or not, but either way I’m excited!!!

Eddie is the biggest and a female. She is also darker than the rest.

Edd is my second female. She is brighter than Eddie but does have a round belly.

Ed is my supposed male. He is much more slender, and his spots seem to be more collected into stripes.

Trio, welcome to fishblr!

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My new old 30l cube, made from leftover wood and stones and just with trimmings from my main 50l tank (except for the Glossostigma).
Will be using this one to separate some promising shrimp :-)

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