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First of all: HELL YEAH I GOT THE JOB!!!!

Now let me show you the betta section at my work! Everyone of them has an own tank (except the females) and they have plenty of space to swim!

I feel so bad for the cute blue white plakat. He lives there for months now and noone wants to buy him.
They also have this gorgeous green halfmoon. I swear I’d have bought him right away if I had another free tank!

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The resin dried super fast today so I was able to get pictures of these guys. :D

I really, really like these. A lot. Even though the resin bubbled a lot more than it usually does, I was able to manipulate the bubbles to try and form them into bubble nests, which adds a lot to the cups I think. :)


  • THE FISH ARE NOT REAL. They are made from polymer clay.
  • The water is resin.
  • The plants are real leaves and flowers I found in my backyard. The substrate is sand.
  • They are in clear glass miniature cups so you can see through the cup at all angles.
  • These will be available at Tampa Bay Comic Con (August 1-3). You can commission one once my commissions reopen after Comic Con.
  • Please do not keep real betta like this! While these little bowls work fine for fake clay bettas, real bettas need at least 2.5 gallons (5 gallons would be better), a filter, and a heater. Please do your research before buying one of these awesome little fish. :)

This is the best, Bon! I absolutely LOVE the little bubble nests! It was a great idea to turn the bubbling in the resin into that! Gosh I love these!

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