Fish Are Friends, Not Food

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just had my last class of the semester today then finals next week

once that’s done and it’s summer i’ve got some plans for Orpheus’s tank I’m excited about :D I should be able to update more since I won’t have to worry about school and stuff

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Updates on the goldie tank!
I moved some of my more mature plants over, including balansae crypt, bronze crypt, and narrowleaf hygro. Bear loves to swim through them and is having fun nibbling at the roots of the hygros. Hopefully I can get more balansae crypts at my LFS in a couple weeks! May also get more nerites :) and hopefully they have in more baby goldies so I can get Bear a friend or two!

so jealous of all your tanks ugh

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Did a bit of work on the 10 today. Took out the narrowleaf hygro and trimmed the ludwigia and reineckii. Shen got a salt bath during all the changes because he won’t leave his fins alone. Dang fish!